Canberra photographer Holly Franklin to host VIP pool party to encourage women, non-binary people to embrace body without fear | The Canberra Times

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Pool parties and bathing suits, in general, can be some women’s worst nightmare. It does not matter what you look like, there is usually something that you feel insecure about. But Canberra’s Holly Franklin is hoping to change that. The photographer behind Boudoir Queen in Kingston, Franklin has organized a VIP pool party. The woman, trans-woman and non-binary event is all about encouraging people to embrace their bodies and show them off without fear, in a safe space. READ MORE: Hosted at Willowmere Estate, the event was originally scheduled for last month but has been postponed until March 6 due to coronavirus. The idea was sparked by US television show Shill, which sees the main character struggle with body image, and attends a plus-size pool party to embrace her size. However, when it came to Canberra’s version of the party, Franklin did not want to just focus on plus-sized women. She wanted a representation of all bodies because, at the end of the day, body image issues are not reserved for one type of body shape. “Body image is such a broad thing to discuss,” Franklin says. “Someone said to me that they were not going to buy a ticket, although she really wanted to go. She said it was because she was smaller bodied and did not want women to feel uncomfortable. She was genuine in her concern but that’s what we’re talking about. You should not be excluded from things because of what your body is. “It’s not about comparing. Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s about going it’s about my relationship with myself. But there’s body positivity and body acceptance – they’re two different things. “The party’s ethos plays into what Franklin does on a day to day basis as a photographer. Specializing in boudoir photography, the photographer sees her work as a healing experience for women to take ownership of their bodies. While most of her work consists of solo sessions, she has also organized group photoshoots, where she aims to represent bodies of all types. Both a group photoshoot and individual photography will be included in the VIP pool party, as well as food, drink and exclusive access to the estate. “It’s healing in a way because everyone has been told that they were never good enough, or they were not thin enough, they were not popular enough, or pretty enough. This is a way that I am able to give women the perspective that they are enough, “Franklin says.” The group photoshoots are about showing a representation of different body types, and not as a way to promote an unhealthy lifestyle – as some people may think. It’s not about that. “People can just exist in the body they are in and they’re allowed to love it. Because when we love something, it’s nurtured and it grows into us being a better person, whether that looks like making healthier choices, or just being happy . ” The VIP pool party is at Willowmere Estate on March 6. For tickets go to Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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