More snow on the road as cleanup continues in Toronto

As Toronto continues cleanup from the last storm, more snow is on track to hit the city this week, and it could cause major commuter headaches.

According to The Weather Network, that flip-flopping winter weather pattern is about to create some tumultuous weather over Toronto. This, the forecast says, is because warm Gulf air and cold Arctic air will be duking it out over the province.

The Weather Network said that this mix of mild and cold air could lead to an extended period of wintry weather that could last for multiple days.

Some Torontonians may be rejoicing about milder temperatures this week, but it likely will not melt any snow still left on the streets. The high for this week is expected to be 3 ° C on Tuesday, but below zero temperatures will be back by Wednesday night.

Toronto snow forecast

Toronto forecast / Environment Canada

According to The Weather Network, the mix of cold and mild air is going to create a boundary that will direct a “swath” of winter weather from the American Rockies up through the great lakes.

Snow could start as early as Tuesday night, but milder temperatures may bring rain instead of snow. Wednesday to Friday is looking snowy, though, so make sure you have your shovels ready!

It’s not clear yet how much snow will hit the area, but Toronto appears to be in the direct line of fire. Predictions indicate that Toronto could see up to 20 cm of snow as a result of the weather pattern.

Toronto is still working on cleaning up after the January 17 snowfall dropped 55 cm of snow in some areas of the city. To date, the City has removed more than 80,000 tons of snow from streets. The snow removal operation is ongoing.

The Weather Network is advising anyone in the storm path to take advantage of the milder weather of Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the snow. Now is the time to clear up any lingering snow on sidewalks, walkways and remove snow and ice from vehicles.

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