SIMS: Carbon tax problems fall for deaf ears in Ottawa

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It’s bitterly cold, the cost of carbon taxes is rising, and politicians do not seem to be giving a flying fox foot over it.


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the largest carbon tax cheerleader in North America, and Conservative leader Erin O’Toole has also grabbed pom-poms.

Toronto and Ottawa have just had a huge dump of snow, and chills fell to minus 40 degrees. The prairies carry minus 44 degree nights. Even Vancouver’s joggers by the sea were recently hit by a big wave of white stuff and minus 20 winds.

If Canadians did not heat their homes or drive their vehicles with natural gas, fuel oil, propane, gasoline and diesel, they would quickly freeze to death.

The carbon tax hits all of these fuels.

Right now, the first federal carbon tax is $ 40 per tonne. tons, which costs nine cents per. liters of gasoline, 11 cents pr. liters of diesel and eight cents per. cubic meters of natural gas.


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It costs about $ 7 extra to fill a minivan, $ 112 to fill a large-rich truck’s dual tanks with diesel and more than $ 200 extra to heat a new home with natural gas.

It is more expensive if your house is older, or if there is a long cold, or if you have to commute far.

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In British Columbia, CO2 tax costs are generally double because we have two carbon taxes out here.

The second carbon tax is a state fuel standard hidden in the rules, and it makes gasoline and diesel cost more. It adds about 17 cents per. liters of gasoline and 19 cents per. liters to diesel.

This means that hauliers pay about 30 cents per liter in carbon taxes for their diesel. It costs them about $ 300 extra to refill their double cylinders.


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It would be good for a Member of Parliament to face them and say that the extra cost of CO2 taxes is unfairly increasing their current burdens and that they will fight to get rid of it.

But the current Conservative party is a carbon tax pusher.

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While a few members have spoken out and opposed carbon taxes, especially MP Arnold Viersen and Conservative Senator Denise Batters, the official opposition gives the government a free pass on carbon taxes.

It gets worse.

The federal carbon tax is set to jump up to $ 50 per tonne. tons in April, and it will rise to $ 170 per tonne. tonnes within eight years.

That means tougher penalties for Canadians for driving to work and heating their homes.

These increases will eventually set the initial carbon tax up to more than 37 cents per liter for gasoline, 45 cents per liter for diesel and 32.8 cents per cubic meter for natural gas.


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In BC, with its two carbon taxes on gas and diesel, it will cost a family about $ 40 extra to fill their minivan.

An elderly lady from East Hawkesbury, Ont., Sent the Canadian Taxpayers Federation her propane heating bill last winter. She paid $ 44.47 in carbon tax for just one month. She will pay $ 252 for the same amount of fuel when the federal carbon tax is up to $ 170 per gallon. ton.

For those who think they will be saved by discounts that give them more in return than those paid, they should be warned that average working people do not get discounts in BC

Payments evaporate when a working couple hits $ 59,565 a year, well below the provincial average working household income.

BC has been the template for Trudeau and O’Toole carbon taxes, so it’s hard to believe that federal rebates will not disappear in the future.

Canadians struggling to pay the high cost of the basics will have to horn the horns higher to wake up their six-figure-paid politicians.

Kris Sims is the British Columbia Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.



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