Liberal Party, Nationals boost donations ahead of election

The Liberal and National parties have strengthened their financial positions in the lead-up to this year’s federal election after receiving almost $ 84 million in donations and other funding in the past financial year.

The 2020-21 financial year figures, released on Tuesday morning by the Australian Electoral Commission, represent a $ 15 million increase on the previous year’s total funding receipts, which also includes the party’s investment streams.

The Coalition has strengthened its coffers ahead of the next election, last year's donations figures show.

The Coalition has strengthened its coffers ahead of the next election, last year’s donations figures show.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

The figures put the Coalition on a stronger financial footing than the Labor Party which collected $ 67 million in 2020/21, $ 12 million more than the previous year.

Separately, the Liberal Party, which includes the LNP in Queensland and the Country Liberal Party in the Northern Territory, received $ 74,792,342 in 2020-21, while the Nationals received $ 8,973,527.

The updated figures, published on the Australian Electoral Commission’s website this morning, are collated from the total of the funding receipts from the parties’ state and territory industries.


This masthead revealed this week more than a third of the cash flowing to the Liberal and Labor parties is coming from shadowy entities that can hide the true source of the funds, according to a new analysis that shows the main parties collected $ 1.2 billion over the past two decades.

The property industry led the list of business sectors donating to both parties, giving $ 37.4 million to Labor and $ 53.1 million to the Coalition, but the study by the Center for Public Integrity, an independent organization, concludes that too many other donations are being hidden.

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