Member of police staff ‘deliberately’ blocked toilets at GMP headquarters, costing force £ 7k to fix

A member of police staff has been sacked for ‘deliberately’ blocking toilets at GMP’s headquarters.

The Manchester Evening News can reveal the ‘serious health and safety issue’ cost the force around £ 7,000 to repair.

GMP said it had to shell out to ‘rectify’ blocked sewage.

The member of police staff involved – who is not a warranted police officer – has not been identified.

They appeared before a gross misconduct hearing, where an allegation of ‘discreditable conduct’ was found proven. The staff member was later ‘summarily dismissed’.

Greater Manchester Police is the third largest force in England and Wales and is based at Central Park in Newton Heath.

It’s understood details of the bizarre case have been posted onto the force’s intranet, a copy of which was sent to the Manchester Evening News.

The member of staff appeared before a misconduct hearing

It’s not known what role the civilian member of staff involved held within the force – or what they used to block the toilets with.

No reason for the behavior – or a date – has been revealed either.

But as a result of the case, GMP have reminded all staff of ‘standards of behavior’.

The person involved faced an allegation that they breached a ‘standard of professional behavior’ – namely discreditable conduct.

The intranet post reads: “A member of staff attended a gross misconduct hearing and faced an allegation that they had breached the following standard of professional behavior: Discreditable conduct.

“The staff member had deliberately blocked toilets at GMP force HQ, which was a serious health and safety issue and cost GMP £ 7,000 to rectify the blocked sewage.

“The allegation was found proven and they were summarily dismissed.

“Staff are reminded of the standards of behavior which states under discreditable conduct police staff behave in a manner which does not discredit the police service or undermine public confidence in the police service.”

The Manchester Evening News contacted Greater Manchester Police for comment, but the force declined to give any further details.

On its website, the force said misconduct hearings take place when it believes an employee has breached ‘standards of professional behavior’.

Facts of a case are presented and those involved are given an opportunity to explain their conduct and the circumstances surrounding the allegation.

Some are held in public.

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