Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

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It’s the Canberra bubble – but not as we know it. The Enlighten Festival is still focused on the National Triangle, with the institutions lit up every night from Friday until March 14. But the light is also spreading into Civic. Workers on Thursday were furiously installing fantastic pieces around the city center ahead of Enlighten’s official launch on Friday night. The giant bubbles that have appeared in Civic Square, along City Walk and among the trees of Ainslie Place comprise an installation called Ephemeral. The are part of the City Renewal Authority’s contribution to Enlighten. Canberra is hosting the world premiere of the illuminated dichroic “bubbles” during Enlighten. The work was created by Atelier Sisu, an award-winning Sydney-based art practice, lead by Peruvian sculptor and industrial designer Renzo B. Larriviere and spatial architect and artist Zara Pasfield. A bubble, light and sound show will be held every half an hour from 5pm to 10pm daily, in Civic Square. Nearby, Simon Roberts, an engineer with Skunk Control, was busy putting together butterflies, which will be installed on the Sydney and Melbourne buildings and along Verity Lane, the sun catching the colors on their wings. Some of the butterflies will flutter and “some will silently assess the world around them, but all will cast a magical presence throughout the day and night”. Over at the Canberra Center, whimsical, wild and wonderful Mini Beasts will be on display until March 14. The beasts react to movement with light, sound and bright, brilliant color. They include insects such as the humming Neon Cuckoo Bee, the touch-sensor Singing Cicada, proximity-activated Swallowtail Butterfly and illuminated Jumping Spider. The Canberra Center worked with award-winning artist and designer Nicholas Tory, who conceived and headed the project, along with his team of creative collaborators. Another piece for Enlighten is Kin located in Garema Place. The sculpture’s form is a bust of a human figure looking upwards, which has multiple cracks emitting gold light. It will remain in place until May.



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