Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

GRANADA HILLS (CBSLA) – Residents in a Granada Hills neighborhood woke up to find that an RV, which has been abandoned near their homes for months, was vandalized and spray painted with swastikas and hate speech.

The abandoned RV has been on the street for what neighbors say is about six months (CBSLA).

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The abandoned recreational vehicle is quite an eyesore and neighbors told CBSLA that its been parked on the street, facing the wrong way with tags that expired in 2011 and tickets on the windshield dating back to October.

Neighbors living on Petit, in Granada Hills, did not want to show their faces on camera, but said that officials have done nothing for months despite the many complaints.

“It’s been called on by neighbors for months now and DOT, police, city council, everyone’s been contacted because of this RV and nothing has been done,” said a woman who lives on the street.

“It’s just horrendous. We have kids in the community and neighbors of all different ethnicities and cultures and to see this on our street is just appalling and upsetting, ”she said.

The person whose home the RV has been parked in front of said the vehicle does not belong to them and that they’ve been calling about authorities since September to have it removed.

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The Los Angeles Police Department said they are investigating the vandalism and a possible hate crime, but officers said no one in the neighborhood they’ve spoken with thinks the speech was targeted at them.

“I’m not sure what the story is and I’m hoping that law enforcement can get to the back of it,” said the woman.

Others fear that it might have been vandalized by someone who lives in the area just get it towed.

“I’m really hoping it’s not malicious intent, but regardless of what the intent is that sort of thing should not be written,” she said.

However, because of the hate speech, the neighborhood is finally getting what its wanted. Now that police are involved, the RV is slated to be towed tomorrow, but it does not feel like a happy ending for many in the neighborhood.

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“… But it’s really sad it has to have this type of disgusting language on it for anyone to act on something,” the woman told CBSLA.


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