Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Earlier this month I wrote about the upcoming release of a snowboarding video game titled Shredders. Well, that game has now been released, and we have some actual independent gameplay footage thanks to steepsteep on YouTube. I will say I wish I could provide a review myself, but I unfortunately do not have an Xbox or PC.

The game looks visually gorgeous. The snow looks as real as it can get while still being on a television screen, and the same goes for the background. Closeups of characters look even closer to real than the snow. The game still looks very similar to Steep and Riders Republic, but seems to be a bit more arcade oriented than the Ubisoft made games. It’s definitely got more of a park focus, and, according to steepsteep, the mechanics are incredibly realistic.

“This game far surpassed my expectations. By far one of the most stratifying and realistic game mechanics I’ve ever experienced in an extreme sports video game. Big thanks to the developing team for creating a masterpiece… ”- steepsteep on YouTube

Altogether, I think this game looks great. It’s silly, the dialogue is incredibly goofy (to be completely honest, the dialogue sounds terrible, but like… in a good way? It’s so bad it’s hilarious, I guess I would say), and for $ 30, I’d say it seems worth it.

Image Credit: steepsteep on YouTube


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