Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Flooding on Bexley Road on March 2.

Flooding on Bexley Road on March 2.

Bayside Council will donate $ 5,000 to GIVIT to be specifically donated to the New South Wales flood recovery.

The council will also offer a free collection of flood damaged items to Bayside’s flood-affected residents.

The measures were outlined by Bayside mayor, Dr Christina Curry at last night’s (March 23) council meeting.

“In April 2021 Council resolved to donate funds in response to a flood crisis that was described at the time as a once in 50 year flood event.

“Not even 12 months later here we are again watching in shock and grief as yet another unprecedented rain event tragically upends the lives of thousands of people across NSW,” Cr Curry said.

“Dubbed” a one in a thousand year ‘event by the Premier, the storms this year have seen more than 2,000 homes in the Northern Rivers region alone declared unliveable, and five people have tragically lost their lives.

“A year ago Council resolved to donate funds to GIVIT, an online donation platform which manages financial donations to ensure that 100 per cent of the donated monies are directed according to donors’ directions.

“This includes the purchase of essential items, supplies or services by people directly impacted.

“Additionally Council can support our local residents who have been personally impacted by the recent floods by offering a free collection of flood affected items.

“While the vast majority of Bayside homes were spared the worst of the flood impacts, I’m aware of several families who needed to temporarily relocate, only to return home to find that some of their possessions could not be salvaged.

“Offering a free collection to these flood affected families will provide much needed assistance.”

Cr Curry also acknowledged the hard work of first responders and volunteers who give their all, including risking their own lives to help others in times of emergency.

“We thank them for their tireless work, and for providing the support needed for those whose lives have been impacted by disaster,” she said.

“I am proud of our Council and our community. We have shown that we are always ready to support those in need during emergency or crisis.”



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