Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has conceded he faces an uphill battle when it comes to his likeability in the upcoming election – but insists it is “not a popularity contest”.

Speaking to Sunrise on Thursday morning, the PM said the country’s top job came with the responsibility of making difficult decisions.

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“This election is a choice, you’re right about that, but it’s not a popularity contest,” he said.

“It’s about who can best lead Australia in the challenges that we’re facing and, particularly, over the next five years.

“And that’s why record and that’s why plan matters.”

He admitted that being unable to travel around the country over the past two years, primarily because of the pandemic, hindered him in meeting voters.

“One of the challenges of the pandemic is you have to spend too much time in Canberra,” he said.

“One of the things I’ve been appreciating once I’ve been able to get out of Canberra is to be out around the country and connect more. I think that’s been a challenge for us over the course of this term. ”

Scott Morrison speaks on Sunrise.
Scott Morrison speaks on Sunrise. Credit: Sunrise

The latest Newspoll, released on Monday at the midway point of the election campaign, showed that he still led Anthony Albanese as preferred prime minister.

But his net satisfaction rating remained below zero, sitting at negative seven.

It peaked in July 2020, only months after the pandemic emerged, at 41 points.

“When it comes to what we’ve been able to get through over the last two years, in particular, strength has been important, decisiveness has been important,” Morrison told Sunrise.

“And when you go through a time like this, I understand there will be decisions that people will not have liked but that’s what being prime minister is all about. You can not go around being popular all the time, you’ve got to make the right calls.

“Now, you do not get every call right and I’ve been pretty open and honest about that.”

Scott Morrison says the coalition will create 400,000 new small businesses in the next five years. Credit: AAP

Morrison on Thursday also unveiled a plan to create more than 400,000 small and family businesses if re-elected.

The plan would support businesses over the next five years, investing $ 17.9 million into a business energy advice program.

It had already seen the same number of businesses established over the past five years, the PM said.

“We’ve seen 400,000 small businesses created over the last five years and that’s been some of the tougher times ever seen,” he said.

“The passion and entrepreneurialism and determination of Australians to run their own business, I think, is tremendous.

“And it’s been one of the strongest elements of Australia coming through this pandemic.”

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese give their election elevator pitches.

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese give their election elevator pitches.


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