Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Covid-19 4th Wave in India Live Updates: India’s coronavirus graph recorded a slight increase on Saturday as the country registered 2,858 new Covid-19 infections, the official data says. The health ministry’s bulletin says that 11 Covid deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours. In the National Capital, the data suggests that the cases have come down below the 1,000 mark. While the cases may have come down in Delhi, the fatalities have seen an uptick. With four people dying due to Covid-related complications on Friday, the National Capital witnessed highest death count since March 4. In terms of active case count, there was a dip of 508 cases. Now, India has 18,096 active Covid-19 cases, the government data says.

In other news, ever since North Korea officially declared the presence of novel coronavirus in the country, the number of new infections is witnessing a surge. North Korea ruler Kim Jong Un has termed the pandemic a ‘great turmoil’ as the nation reported 21 new Covid-19 fatalities.

Here are the latest Covid related news from India and around the world.


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