Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

The Ottawa Arts Council announced the recipients of its annual Arts Awards last night during an event at the Ottawa Little Theater. This year’s laureates and finalists included founder and director of SPAO Michael Tardiolistage manager and arts administrator Lydia Talajicand Inuk tattoo artist Aedan Corey.

Each year, the Ottawa Arts Council places a call out to the greater arts community to secure nominations for the seven awards distributed annually:

  • The Victor Tolgesy Awardwhich recognizes the accomplishments of residents who have contributed substantially to enriching cultural life in our city.
  • The Peter Honeywell Mid-Career Artist Awardrecognizing and encouraging the achievements of Ottawa artists of all disciplines who have evolved beyond the emerging stage in their career to become recognized professional working artists contributing to the community.
  • The Emerging IBPOC Artist Awardwhich recognizes the achievements of artists of all disciplines from Ottawa’s IBPoC (Indigenous, Black, and Persons of Color) community who are in the early stages of their careers in the arts and are working towards becoming recognized professional artists.
  • The Project X Photography Awarddesigned to recognize the merits of a publicly presented photographic project by an Ottawa-based artist.
  • New this year, the Community Arts Educator Awardwhich recognizes excellence in community arts education and the accomplishments of artists who provide unique and creative learning experiences that inspire future generations and community art projects.

Project-based awards include the Corel Endowment for the Arts Award, a future-oriented award that encourages evolution, innovation, creativity, and excellence of artists working on new initiatives in all art disciplines in Ottawa; and the Young Artist Awardwhich is a mentorship award established to support young Ottawa artists 14–17 years old.

L to R: Nicole Milne, Don Kwan (Peter Honeywell Mid-Career Artist laureate), Heather Austin-Skaret, Margot Sunter. Photo: Nicolai Gregory.

The 2022 Arts Awards Recipients

Victor Tolgesy Award: Lydia Talajic, stage manager and arts administrator

Peter Honeywell Mid-Career Artist Award: Don Kwan, visual artist (Finalists: Anna Frlan, visual artist; Khaleefa “Apollo the Child” Hamdan, poet)

Emerging IBPOC Artist Award: Laurena Finéus, visual artist (Finalists: Aedan Corey, poet and traditional tattoo artist; Jordan “JFUN” David, DJ and music producer)

Project X, Photography Award: Angelina Barrucco, photographer (Honorable Mentions: Stéphane Alexis, photographer; Ava Margueritte, photographer)

Corel Endowment for the Arts Award: Willem Deisinger, multidisciplinary artist

Young Artist Award: Jude Peter, filmmaker

Community Arts Educator Award: Michael Tardioli, printmaker and photographer

Nominations were evaluated by a peer assessment group composed of arts leaders in the community representing different artistic disciplines, in addition to having an equity advisor oversee a portion of the deliberations.

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