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Toby Fox, the creator behind Undertale and Deltarune, shares a few pictures of concept art followed by a development update on his latest game.

Back in 2015, Undertale was an indie game that blew up within the gaming community. Plenty of gamers were immediately charmed by its pixel style reminiscent of the Mother games, its characters, and interesting story paths. The developer behind Undertale, Toby Fox, received widespread praise for his work, with fans eagerly awaiting what the creator would come up with next. A few years later, the first chapter for Deltarune was released. Deltarune had a similar aesthetic to Undertale, and fans believed the universes were connected in an ambiguous sense.


Deltarune’s first chapter earned Toby Fox another wealth of praise, as fans again waited for the second chapter. Deltarune Chapter 2 was released on the Switch eShop for free in September 2021 following a Nintendo Direct presentation. Again, the latest chapter followed the pattern of hyping fans up for the next piece of Deltarune’s story. With almost three years between the release of chapters 1 and 2, many were unsure when a potential third chapter might release. However, Toby Fox is hoping to assure fans that he is still working on game development.

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On Twitter, Toby Fox recently shared some concept art, poking fun at his creations. Underneath that tweet, Fox gave fans an update on game development, stating that it was “going well.” While it is not specifically stated what game Fox is referring to, the majority of fans have assumed that he is talking about the ongoing development of Deltarune. It seems logical too, that Fox would be referring to the third chapter of the game, but there is the possibility of chapters 3, 4, and 5 all releasing at once.

There’s no hint as to when Toby Fox is planning on releasing Deltarune Chapter 3, but he has stated in the past that the wait between chapters 1 and 2 was too long. This led Fox to make the decision of getting other developers to support his work, as he states that now he cannot program for extended periods due to a wrist injury. With development going well and plenty of hands working on the new chapters of Deltarune, fans are hoping to see them sooner rather than later. For those waiting for Deltarune Chapter 3, there are plenty of indie games that can help kill the time, such as the Earthbound-inspired OMORI.

Consideration Deltarune Chapter 2 was unveiled at a Nintendo Direct presentation, it is likely that a similar situation could happen with the third chapter. However, while Nintendo held its Indie World Showcase in May, there is speculation that a Direct may come along in June to replace the company’s usual E3 showings.

Deltarune is out now for PC, PS4, and Switch.

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