Tue. Aug 16th, 2022


  • BMW reveals latest CSL creation, limited to 1000 units worldwide
  • New M4 CSL comes in 100kg lighter than standard car
  • Australian pricing to start at $ 303,900 before on-road costs

BMW has reforged the coveted CSL badge more than two decades since its last resurrection to create a two-seater version of the M4 coupe that is lighter, more powerful and faster than any before, for maximum track-attack and peak performance.

Launched at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy, the 2023 BMW M4 CSL has finally revealed its secrets after months of speculation, but M4 fans wanting to buy a piece of BMW M history had better have deep pockets and good contacts.

BMW Australia has not yet confirmed how many of the ultra-exclusive M4 CSL production will be allocated for customers Down Under, but just 1000 will be produced worldwide and sold locally for a price that’s as serious as its performance.

Kicking off from $ 303,900 before on-road costs, the new CSL is the most expensive M4 to be offered by BMW to date – narrowly usurping the $ 295,000 M4 GTS of 2016, and costs about double the price of the current champion of the 4-Series range the, M4 Competition, which is priced from $ 165,900.

2023 BMW M 4 CSL Reveal 1


The latest iteration of the evocative CSL family does, however, offer some compelling features that will likely guarantee all allocation will be spoken for, if not already.

For a start, boost pressure of the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder petrol has been increased from 1.7 bar to 2.1, pushing power up by 30kW to a new peak output of 405kW and 650Nm. That’s the most powerful road-going 3 Series or 4 Series to date.

But key to the CSL performance-enhancing mantra, weight has also been addressed with 100 kilograms dropped from the overall mass. For the CSL conversion, rear seats went in the bin resulting in a strictly two-seat coupe and cutting 21kg.

Another 24kg was saved in the front row with BMW’s most Spartan carbon-fiber race seats replacing the standard items, while special lighter wheels, carbon ceramic brakes and revised suspension slashed a further 21 kilos.

Removed sound insulation, as well as the introduction of lighter sound deadening material where it could not be spared, chopped 11 more kilos, while the remaining weight-saving was found in a carbon-fiber roof, boot lid and bonnet and titanium exhaust. All up, the new M4 CSL weighs in at 1625kg.

2023 BMW M 4 CSL Reveal 38


The crash diet and power boost has had a quantifiable effect on the M4’s potency, cutting the zero to 100km / h acceleration time to just 3.7 seconds, while enabling the model to set a new road-going M4 lap record at the Nürburgring.

With a best lap of 7.20.207, the newest member of the M4 family has lapped the Green Hell about 10 seconds faster than the previous best M4 time, and the fastest clocked by any series production BMW yet.

In addition to the weight-reduction and power increasing attention, the M4 CSL has been comprehensively revised to maximize the new performance. Ride-height has been lowered by eight millimeters, bespoke alloy wheels measure 19-inches at the front and 20-inches at the rear, while adaptive dampers are standard all-round.

Unsurprisingly, the CSL has been shod in tires that have been specifically developed for the newest M4, but BMW is yet to reveal the maker and model. Power is fed to the rear wheels via an eight-speed torque-converter automatic transmission.

2023 BMW M 4 CSL Reveal 129


At the front end, the engine and transmission are bolted in using stiffer mounts, while chassis and body rigidity are increased through unique cast aluminum bracing and a completely new suspension spring and damper tune.

Beyond the more traditional track-enhancing tricks, the CSL also adopts some technological upgrades – including M Traction Control similar to Mercedes-AMG’s nine-stage system, enabling the driver to dial in the amount of wheel-slip intervention in 10 steps.

BMW has also jumped on the drift bandwagon with a new M Drift Analyzer function that allows the full appreciation of power oversteer long after the smoke has cleared, and an M laptimer for polishing those best laps.

2023 BMW M 4 CSL Reveal 27


On the outside, the M4 CSL shows its credentials with optional Laserlight headlights with yellow accents recently introduced by the M5 CS, while, at the back end, a new feature is introduced with light threads and actual laser technology creates a new ‘highly distinctive’ feature. Extensive carbon-fiber equipment is included, with a front splitter and ‘air curtain’ featuring, as well as a more pronounced rear spoiler.

And it continues on the inside with black leather upholstery and red Alcantara highlights, seat positions that can only be adjusted with tools, helmet storage, and the option to install six-point racing harnesses.

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