Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Blues coach Michael Voss spoke to the media after the win.

You had a short turnaround to tonight’s game, did that have an impact on the second half tonight?

It’s a factor, but that would take away from what Sydney did as well. As we know, Sydney are a quality team. There is going to be a point where they were challenging. So, there might be some other factors, but we know what the opposition will produce and also what we hold onto. I think we showed an incredible defensive resilience, you know. I’ve had lots of conversations about this group and club being able to defend for longer, and you know, we were able to do that tonight because we lost the method around some contest, yet were still winning those battles. Credit to the group, they were able to find some grip and win the game.

Patrick Cripps celebrates a goal with teammates.

Patrick Cripps celebrates a goal with teammates.Credit:Getty Images

How proud are you about the defense?

I am exceptionally proud. Somehow through all the chaos, we were able to defend and still be strong and repel any entries that were coming in. There were some unbelievable efforts as well behind the ball, so that will certainly get acknowledged that’s for sure. In the last five minutes, we started to get the method back. We started to get some territory so not sure where we found it, but it was certainly a good time.

It’s the fourth time this year you’re in the situation we had a big lead and almost gave it up, but on the flip side you have managed to win it. How do you view it? Is a positive?

I tend to sit here and look at what we have got, as opposed to who we have not got. We did have was an incredible defensive resilience. We needed it for the whole match. And to be able to find some again, we got the first half was a really exciting, exhilarating football, and we were able to get really strong field position and put them under pressure and soak up the energy of the crowd. They were pretty excited, but you know, as you look at the game as a complete package, there is some variability in that. What underpinned and underpins is a resilience in the group.

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