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The rich and extravagant lifestyles that the cast members of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ lead are one of the factors that make the show so compelling. The Beverly Hills housewives certainly know how to live the good life, from chartering private aircraft on the spur of the moment to donning luxury clothing. When the Bravo show revealed that a new housewife – Diana Jenkins – would be joining the cast, viewers were ecstatic.

Diana’s social media profiles suggest that she, like her other housewives, enjoys the finest things in life. Diana, the self-described “villain” of the ‘RHOBH franchise, captured our attention and made us want to learn more about her.

Unlike most of her Bravo co-stars, she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Diana went through a lot as a Bosnian refugee before becoming the world-famous philanthropist and socialite she is today. This raises the question of where she gets her money.

Diana’s marriage to British banker Roger Jenkins and subsequent divorce might be ascribed to the ‘RHOBH’ star’s lavish life and huge net worth, it turns out! Continue reading to learn more about Roger and his divorce.

Who Is Roger Jenkins?

Who Is Roger Jenkins?  The Former 'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Is Now One Of The Richest Women In The UK After Divorcing A Banker

Roger Jenkins, the highest-paid banker in England, was born in England in 1955. He studied Economics at Heriot-Watt University and Jenkins Edinburg Academy.

His British athlete brother, David Jenkins, was sentenced to prison for smuggling $ 54 million worth of steroids across the Mexican border.

He worked briefly at BP after graduation before joining Barclays as a graduate trainee. Roger progressed up the ranks, eventually finding a firm that advised businesses on tax and regulatory issues.

Roger was married to Catherine McDowell, another banker, and they had a daughter together. Following his divorce, he met Sanela Dijana ti, a Bosnian refugee now Diana Jenkins.

Diana laughed about their meeting with DailyMail, stating, “He was probably more attracted to it right away than I was. He’s a really kind guy. What people do not realize, I believe, is that when we met, Roger was nothing. He was not a wealthy man. He was actually my first pal in England. ”

They married in 1999 and have two children. Roger has been outspoken in his praise for Diana. He commented once, “She is my adviser and advisor. She also knows quite a few people. ” Indeed, her social skills came to his rescue when she assisted him in connecting with the Qatar royal family and securing a large investment from the royals, which is said to have saved Barclays Bank during its economic crisis.

The ‘Happiest Divorce Ever’

Who Is Roger Jenkins?  The Former 'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Is Now One Of The Richest Women In The UK After Divorcing A Banker

Roger and Diana divorced in 2009 but did not make the news public until much later. Following their divorce, Diana relocated to America, while Roger remained in London.

The couple never stated why they divorced, only that it was a “natural end.” Roger gave half of his fortune to Diana as part of their divorce settlement.

Roger is said to have paid Diana $ 150 million in their divorce settlement. It propelled her into the top 500 wealthiest people in the United Kingdom. “Will she take half of my cash?” ‘Of course,’ Jenkins responded. ‘Without her, I would not have had the same level of success.’ I adore Diana and admire her as a mother, businesswoman, and wife. We’ve moved on and are content with our current arrangements. Diana will always be a very special part of my life, ‘says the author. ” Their divorce was dubbed the “happiest divorce ever” by DailyMail.

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Who Is Diana Jenkin’s Ex-Husband, Roger Jenkins?

Diana makes her RHOBH debut in Season 12 and teasers suggest she makes a big entrance. Diana is from Yugoslavia, according to her Bravo bio. She was forced to leave her family and home country around the age of 19 or 20 during the Bosnian conflict. She spent a year as a refugee in Croatia before moving to London.

She studied computer science and economics at the City University of London after arriving there. She married British financier Roger Jenkins in 1999. Roger was reputedly one of the city’s highest-paid bankers within a few years after getting married.

They have two children together. Diana and her fiancé, Asher Monroe, have since welcomed their third child. Roger and Diana divorced in 2011 after ten years of marriage.

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Legendary British Banker Roger Jenkins Was Once An Accomplished Athlete.

Who Is Roger Jenkins?  The Former 'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Is Now One Of The Richest Women In The UK After Divorcing A Banker

Roger was a famous sprinter long before he became a big-shot banker. He competed in the European Games, Commonwealth Games, and World Student Games as a professional athlete. And Diana’s ex-boyfriend has the intelligence to match his brawn.

Roger previously attended Heriot-Watt University and majored in economics. He began his career as a trainee with the British bank Barclays after graduation, where he worked in the investment banking sector until 1987.

He left Barclays for another bank before returning in 1994. He held many high-level positions, including Executive Chairman of Investment Banking and Middle East Investment Management. Roger made roughly £ 40 million while working for Barclays between 2005 and 2009.

Roger departed Barclays in 2009 after earning billions of pounds from investors, but his money train did not stop there. He worked as a consultant for a number of global financial firms in the years that followed.

Roger was previously married to Catherine McDowell, an investment banker, with whom he shared a daughter, before marrying the future RHOBH star. In the mid-to-late 1990s, they divorced before he met and married Diana.

Though Diana and Roger have subsequently broken up, they appear to be on good terms. “Everything is lovely, life is good, Roger is wonderful – class all the way to the end,” Diana previously told pals, according to the Daily Mail. He is, and will always be, my best buddy. I will always love him because he is the father of my children. ”

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