Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

A top Conservative MP has been caught up in allegations swirling around Westminster that he plied four victims with date-rape pills.

It is claimed the man used the substance on a fellow Conservative MP, who woke up to find his nipples being licked.

It is also claimed a Labor MP was abused after the man administered the drug to him – while the flatmate of another Tory MP claimed to friends he had a similar experience.

A fourth man also claimed he had declined his advances, but later had suspicions his drink was spiked.

A source said: “The name of this alleged attacker is being spoken about openly among Conservative MPs.

“If he is innocent, he should refer himself to police and our internal complaints procedure so allegations can be investigated to clear his name.”

A Tory MP faces allegations that he plied four victims with date-rape drugs
A Tory MP faces allegations that he plied four victims with date-rape drugs

Another MP said: “No wonder he has been looking so dreadful recently with this hanging over him.”

Allegations an MP had used a date-rape drug first emerged in the sexual harassment scandal in 2017, reports Mirror Online.

Pals of the Labor MP say the incident was blown out of proportion and no complaint was made.

Two Tory MPs have also been accused of proposing a threesome to a minister’s girlfriend, which she refused.

The latest claims were being talked about last week in Commons bars and coffee shops after an unnamed Tory MP was arrested and bailed last week.

The Met Police is probing allegations of rape, indecent assault, sexual assault, abuse of a position of trust and misconduct in public office between 2002 and 2009.

The man has been told to stay away from the Commons but Labor wants the Tory whip removed, which would identify him.

One of his ex-staffers said: “I do not think he would or could have done what is being claimed.”

Other MPs reacted with dismay that the unnamed man could be caught up in a sex scandal.

Some 56 MPs have been investigated for inappropriate behavior since 2018.

A Government spokesman said: “We take all allegations seriously.”

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