Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

A major Australian hardware store is slugging people $ 18 for more than two hours parking at one of its newest stores in Victoria.

The new Bunnings Doncaster store, which is based in Melbourne, introduced specific underground paid parking for customers in December following concerns people were using the parking spots to shop at a nearby Westfield shopping center.

Although the first two hours are free, shoppers can be charged up to $ 60 for a full day’s parking.

Bunnings area manager Craig Bleksley told NCA NewsWire that the fee was waived if people were genuine customers.

“It is understood that the Bunnings store leadership team can use their discretion to reimburse customers who have genuinely shopped in store for more than two hours. Customers are encouraged to reach out to the store directly should they have any questions. ” he said.

“The parking system is installed to deter non-customers from using the carpark for reasons other than shopping at Bunnings. It is not for revenue-raising purposes. “

Bunnings have implemented new parking fees in new stores.  Picture: Supplied / Bunnings
Camera IconBunnings will slug customers $ 18 for more than two hours parking at some stores in Melbourne. Supplied / Bunnings Credit: NCA NewsWire

Mr Bleksley said Hawthorne and Collingwood stores also had paid parking.

Compared to other major centers in Melbourne, the Westfield shopping precinct charges just $ 3 for three hours parking.

A resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were forced to fork out the pricey fee after spending time at the Bunnings cafe and playground with their children.

Despite not being aware of the signage outlined at the carpark entrance, the customer said the price was still “a bit overboard”.

“I expected possibly a surcharge for the extra hours but not that much,” they said.

“Eighteen dollars is very extreme, I could park in the city for less than that… you do not expect something quite so high in the suburbs.”

But tradesman Steve D’Amelio did not have an issue with the move, saying it was “fair” and would deter apartment visitors and Westfield shoppers.

“If a tradie was here for more than two hours, I do not know if he’s really working,” he said.


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