Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Gas Up Nearly 4 Cents;  Price Freeze Lifts in Labrador

Despite predictions to the contrary, the regulated price of gas is up in most parts of the province.

Gasoline is up by 3.9 cents a liter, except along the coast of Labrador. Diesel on the island is up by 1.3 cents while diesel in Labrador has dropped by 11.6 cents a liter. Furnace oil costs over a cent a liter more on the island while stove oil on the island up by the same amount. Stove oil in Labrador is down at 23.70 cents a liter.

Propane meanwhile is down by just under 2 cents.

The suspension of maximum price adjustments on the coast of Labrador lifts as of today as fuel deliveries resume for the season — that means significant increases, in some cases by about a dollar a liter, for some fuels.

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