Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

A brave Kent mum has recalled the terrifying moment her son disappeared down a manhole. Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Amy said she “will never mentally recover” from having to rescue toddler Theo after he stepped on an unscrewed cover.

Footage of the accident showed Amy racing to the manhole within seconds of Theo disappearing. Amy threw her sweatshirt and phone to the ground before removing the cover and jumping into the drain to recover her child.

She told the ITV show: “We were walking, Theo was going to go to his dad’s house. We were walking from my mum’s house to the car, and I was walking along the path and Theo was holding my hand at the start.

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“After he let go of my hand, he ran towards the drain – he just ran towards the drain – and something, my gut instinct, told me ‘I need to run, I need to run.’ As I turned around, he fell through the hole and the drain had just closed completely on top of him. “

Pictured, the moment Theo fell down the manhole
Pictured, the moment Theo fell down the manhole

Amy continued: “I could not even hear him, I did not even know if my baby was going to be there or if he was going to be dead. The hole was so tiny, I just jumped into the hole. He was at the bottom, standing in sewage up to his knees.

“He was screaming my name, absolutely screaming my name. And I just jumped in, there were these concrete steps, I managed to get my foot on one but the hole was so tiny I could not actually bend my body forward to grab him . “

Pictured, toddler Theo who saved by his mum's quick thinking
Pictured, toddler Theo who saved by his mum’s quick thinking

She admitted she had “thought he was going to die” after seeing Theo disappear into the drain. Southern Water, responsible for the drain in the Tenterden area, has since apologized to Amy and her family, reports.

The company added they are taking the matter “very seriously.” A Southern Water spokesperson said: “We are aware of a situation involving a child and an open manhole.


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