Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Nate Preston’s family and friends have not heard from him since Saturday, when the 20-year-old was last seen at Mooloolaba.

Today police launched an urgent public appeal for information, saying they hold “concerns” for Mr Preston ‘as his disappearance was very “out of character”.

Detective Senior Constable Craig Mansfield said Mr Preston’s phone, bank accounts and car had not been used since the weekend before his disappearance.

“His phone is now switched off, and it’s unable to be contacted,” Detective Senior Constable Mansfield said.

Anyone who may have seen Mr Preston is urged to contact Police Link.

Diligent worker, always punctual

Police have released an image of Mr Preston and say he was wearing the same blue-striped shirt the night he disappeared.

They say Mr Preston was a diligent worker for his Kunda Park employer.

“He has an employment as a forklift driver, he always is punctual with his work, he has not arrived, he has not contacted his employer,” Det Snr Const Mansfield said.

A side-on portrait of a young man in baseball cap and hoodie
Police say Mr Preston’s phone is off and he has not contacted his employer, which is out of character. (Supplied: QPS)

Mr Preston was socializing with friends at two separate Mooloolaba units before he disappeared.

‘Effectively, he has disappeared’

“We have captured him on some CCTV in the Mooloolaba area, prior to his disappearance,” Detective Senior Constable said.

“But effectively from around midnight on the May 22 he has disappeared and no-one has had any contact with him since.”

“We do know that he consumed a large amount of alcohol spirits and it is suggested that he also took some prescription medications,” Detective Senior Constable Mansfield said.

“He has had some issues along the way, I think with some mental health challenges and things that we’ve established so far.”

A young man in dark baseball cap, air pods in his ears, stares at the camera
Mr Preston was socializing with friends at two separate Mooloolaba units before he disappeared.(Supplied: QPS)

He said police would consider conducting searches of the Mooloolaba area over the coming days but hoped members of the public had information.

“He’s in a highly populated area in Mooloolaba and we will be hoping that someone may have come across him,” the detective said.

“We’re looking at those public transport aspects, Uber and taxi as well.

“Those inquiries are still outstanding, but they I think they’re the very things that we’re looking for the public appeal.”

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