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Marinella Senator Afterglow at Battersea Power Station Photo: Charlie Round Turner

Mazzoleni has announced the multi-site exhibition MARINELLA SENATORE. Afterglow, taking place from 9th June to 26th August 2022 at the London gallery at 15 Old Bond Street and at selected sites across the city, including the Battersea Power Station, the SIAL School and the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain in Holland Park, and the Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden.

The artworks will be ‘activated’ by Senatore and a series of free and open to all ‘public actions’ involving over 200 performers, such as music bands, choirs, dancers, poets and athletes, taking place at Battersea Power Station on Thursday 9th June from 6-8pm.

Afterglow will not only present a new body of sculptures and drawings at the London gallery but also activate the city across different outdoor light installations and performances. The multi-site nature of Afterglow exemplifies Senatore’s multidisciplinary and participatory practice, which is characterized by a strong collective dimension. Taking her inspiration from Southern Italy’s luminarie, the elaborate light structures that traditionally adorn cities and re-create cathedrals, piazzas, and other architectural elements for outdoor public celebrations and religious festivities, the artist will insert her own site specific light sculptures on the facades and forecourts of significant buildings across London.

Marinella Senatore 1977 Dance First Think Later, 2022 Glass tubes with mercury-free neon and cast methacrylate mounted on a painted aluminum panel 140 x 160 cm 55 1/8 x 63 in

Senators’ luminaries

“Are like monuments to and for people, to the ‘here and now’, to live actions and experiences.”

Light is another crucial aspect to Afterglow. Light has been a fundamental element in Senatore’s practice since her training at the National Film School in Rome, where she studied direction of photography and camera. The light, both electric and optic, material and metaphorical, proves to be a tool for narration and poetic creation, as well as for resistance and cohesion.

As the artist explains,

“The light sculptures are generators of energy that – under the form of light beams – is propagated across a space, that changes it and modifies its structures as well as the individuals in it.”

Marinella Senatore 1977 Dance First Think Later, 2022 Glass tubes with mercury-free neon and cast methacrylate mounted on a painted aluminum panel 103 x 120 cm 40 1/2 x 47 1/4 in

On Wednesday 8th June, the Embassy of Italy in London will host a presentation of the project with a conversation with the artist and the display of two new light sculptures. On Thursday 9th June, the selected locations will be linked by a bus journey involving folk and opera singers and musicians, as well as collectors, curators, and journalists (defined by the artist as “storytellers”) who have previously been involved with The School of Narrative Dance (SOND), Senatore’s renowned participatory project that counts a network of over 6.5 million participants across 23 countries. SOND is a free of charge, nomadic school, focused on exploring new ideas of community, empowerment, and emancipation through different disciplines, such as music, dance, and spoken words. The bus will stop at selected locations to “activate” the public installations with a series of participatory performances involving local residents across London’s diverse communities.

Marinella Senatore 1977 Dance First Think Later, 2022 Glass tubes with mercury-free neon and cast methacrylate mounted on a painted aluminum panel 140 x 160 cm 55 1/8 x 63 in

The outdoor light sculptures include: Bodies in Alliance (2021) on the facade of the building hosting the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain and the SIAL (International Italian School in London), where the school’s choir will participate in a singing recital; and Assembly (2021), a work comprising two monumental outdoor light installations, positioned in front of the Grade II * listed Power Station, in the newly opened six-acre park facing the iconic Battersea Power Station, a space that “naturally” gather communities and has hosted Senatore’s projects previously in 2018 within the framework of Art Night London: a network of participants again reunited on the occasion of this celebration.

Marinella Senator Afterglow at Battersea Power Station Photo: Charlie Round Turner

The main performance, taking place at Battersea Power Station, will be a series of ‘public actions’ revealing SOND’s ‘linguistic dissonances’: a short circuit between a variety of languages ​​and disciplines that release communal energy. Each performer shares core values ​​with Senatore as well as personal, biographical connections. Senator affirms: “social change happens thanks to the transformative power of collective experiences. The ‘personal flourishing’ always happens within the collective context, which is my idea of ​​an active and transformative community. ”

These collective actions will involve different types of music bands, such as the South-London based “Melodians Steel Orchestra UK”, who will perform a specially commissioned up-tempo version of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” for the first time; dancers, including “Pointe Black”, a Black-owned ballet school that aims at an inclusive access to ballet in tune with concepts relating to the ‘decolonization of the body, and the’ London Contact Improvisation ‘, a group of contact dancers, especially relevant after two years of social distancing; choirs, such as a gospel choir as well as members from the “Goldsmiths Choral Union”, the biggest amateur choir in England; a soprano singer who will perform a piece by Schubert, which represents a key moment in Senatore’s life when she created her first artwork; a group of body percussionists who work with seniors, reflecting on mindful movements, the social space and the meaning of the old body in society; and the “Esprit Concrete” parkour group, which has been collaborating with Senatore for a long time and combines l’Art Du Déplacement with counseling psychology principles and therapeutic interventions, amongst others.

Afterglow is inscribed in the celebrations for the 10th anniversary of SOND along with a broad series of exhibitions and events by Senatore scheduled for 2022 at major institutions, including the solo show art meets city in Baden-Baden between 15th July and 4th September. From 15th September 2022, Marinella Senatore will also present a series of performances, workshops, and displays at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Marinella Senator 1977 The Word Community Feels Good, 2022 Glass tubes with mercury-free neon and cast methacrylate mounted on a painted aluminum panel 82 x 100 cm; 13 cm 32 1/4 x 39 3/8 in; 5 1/8 in

Whereas the outdoor light sculptures exemplify Senatore’s commitment to the transformative power of social engagement and community activation, the exhibition at the gallery captures a more personal and immersive experience. In an intimate “glowing in the dark” atmosphere – reminiscent of Fabio Mauri’s Moon environment – the show brings together several previously unseen neon sculptures, light sculptures, and installations, which have been produced using a mercury-free technology. As a socially engaged activist, sustainability is crucial to Senators, who have been committed to lowering the carbon-print of her practice for the last few years.

The wall-mounted light sculptures featured in the show include messages of empowerment, such as Dance First Think Later, a quote by Samuel Beckett. The display also presents the newest glass sculptures in lost-wax casting glass: I Contain Multitudes, quoting Walt Whitman, and Autoritratto (Self-Portrait), featuring the artist’s life-size casted hands, an iconographic element that often returns in the artist’s work .

Collages and drawings – emerging from various contexts such as learning theater, oral histories, vernacular forms, protest dance and music, public ceremonies, civil rituals, and mass events – will also be part of the exhibition. Through her participatory practice, Marinella Senatore questions the bio-politics of different communities and circumvents the traditional roles of artist and audience, extending the idea of ​​”assembly”, “community”, and “rituals.” For example, It’s Time to Go Back to the Street is a continuous series of drawings that explore the multifaceted forms and rich legacies of protests in different countries, while also engaging with ecologies of affiliation, affection, empowerment, and belonging.

Marinella Senatore 1977 I Contain Multitudes, 2022 Glass tubes with mercury-free neon and cast methacrylate mounted on a painted aluminum panel 110 x 176 cm 43 1/4 x 69 1/4 in

MARINELLA SENATORE. Afterglow London, 9th June – 26thb August 2022
Public installation (Battersea Power Station): 6th May – 10th June
Exhibit at the Embassy of Italy in London: 7th June – 30th June
Public installations (SIAL School, Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, and
Petersham Nurseries): 9th June – 26th August
Conversation with the artist at the Embassy of Italy in London: Wednesday 8 June, 6 pm
Private view: 9th June, 10am – 4pm then 10th June – 26th August 2022 at
Performances (Battersea Power Station): Thursday 9th June, from 6 pm onward MORE INFO

About the artist

Marinella Senatore (Cava de ‘Tirreni, 1977) is a multidisciplinary artist trained in music, fine arts, and cinema. Her practice is characterized by a strong collective and participatory dimension; her work combines aesthetic research with the transformative power of social engagement. Senator’s works and performances have been commissioned and exhibited by Italian and international institutions alike, including: High Line, New York; Queens Museum, New York; Center Pompidou Paris; Kunsthaus Zürich; Pearl Art Museum; MAXXI; Tokyo Palace; Schirn Kunsthalle; Museum of Contemporary Art of
Chicago; Berlinische Galerie; Museo del Novecento, Milan; Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen; Faena Art Forum, Miami; Bozar; Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation; Museums of Modern Salzburg; Serpentine Gallery; CCA Tel Aviv; Museo Madre; Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal; ICA, Richmond; Petach Tikva Museum of Art; BAK Utrecht; Mayo Art Center; Palazzo Grassi; Museo Boijmans Van Beuningen; Modern Museum. The artist has participated in the following contemporary art biennials: São Paulo Biennial; Venice Biennale; Lyon Biennial; Thessaloniki Biennial; Liverpool Biennial;
Athens Biennial; Havana Biennial; Gothenburg Biennial; Cuenca Biennial; Pune Biennial; South Tyrol Biennial; Bangkok Biennial; and Manifesta12, Palermo. Upcoming projects include solo exhibitions at: Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam; Horst, Villvoorde; Museum Villa Stuck, Munich; Museum der Moderne, Salzburg; and CCA, Tel Aviv.



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