Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Many may not be aware that the paid Amazon-Prime subscription comes with other benefits in addition to video streaming and free shipping. In addition to Prime status on Twitch, those interested in gaming are also offered access to Prime Gaming. There had Amazon cracked the whip properly, because numerous games had been announced for Prime Day in July.

You can already tap into over 20 indie games. But that’s not all, because Amazon has announced in a classic way that there will be more to come in July. It’s a game that I loved very much at the time and played countless hours – including despair because I could not get any further. In the past, there was not really a way to find a solution:

There’s Maniac Mansion in July. A milestone in gaming history. The 1987 point-and-click adventure from Lucasfilm Games (now LucasArts) was developed by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, Gilbert is behind some of the classics and is currently in charge of Return to Monkey Island. (Currently still free with Prime Gaming: Escape from Monkey Island)

But that was not all, here is the complete overview. The games should start on July 1st prime gaming site.

Maniac Mansion – Hurry! Dr Fred has kidnapped Sandy and wants to experiment on her brain! Join Dave and friends in their race to save Sandy before she gives her brain to Dr. Fred donates, and put your own brain to the test to solve Maniac Mansion’s many mysteries!

Suzerain – Take on the role of President Rayne in this text-based RPG where the player must lead the nation of Sordland through a looming war, corruption, economic crisis, reforms and more – all within the player’s first term.

Fishing: North Atlantic – Discover the majestic world of Canada’s Nova Scotia and admire the great diversity of marine life. Search for gold on the sea with upgradeable fishing boats and various fishing gear as you progress in your fishing career and explore the North Atlantic.

Fur Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – Unfold a full-fledged RPG story as you progress through hand-crafted scenarios and control your own squad of Arbiters, with each character customizable from a wide range of classes and abilities.

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