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Jurors heard the dying screams of a daughter who was crushed to death after being reversed into and driven over by her father, as a murder trial began.

Nigel Malt, 44, of Lynn Road, King’s Lynn, has gone on trial at Norwich Crown Court having denied the murder of his daughter Lauren Malt.

The 19-year-old was pronounced dead on January 23 this year, after being run over by Malt’s Mercedes car in Leete Way, West Winch shortly before 7.30pm.

Lauren Malt

Lauren Malt who died after being run over in Leete Way, West Winch
– Credit: Lauren Malt / Facebook

Lauren’s screams as she was run over by Malt were heard by jurors who were playing audio and CCTV recordings of part of the incident captured by horrified neighbors.

Andrew Jackson, opening the prosecution case on Thursday (June 30) told jurors: “What you heard there was the sound of what the prosecution say was no less than murder.”

He said Nigel Malt had “reversed his car into and knocked down his daughter”.

Mr Jackson said: “Having knocked her to the ground he then reversed his car over her.

“He stopped and then he drove the car forwards over her body.”

Lauren Malt was “effectively crushed to death” during the incident which Mr Jackson said occurred after Malt had threatened his daughter’s boyfriend, Arthur Marmell, with a crowbar.

Mr Jackson said Malt “used his car as a lethal weapon”.

He added: “A car when driven at speed when driven over another person is inevitably going to cause death or really serious harm.

“That is simple common sense.”

Leete Way in West Winch where a murder investigation took place.  Picture: Danielle Booden

Leete Way, West Winch where Lauren Malt died after being run over
– Credit: Archant 2022

The court heard at the time of the incident Malt was “estranged” from his family, including wife Karen and daughter Lauren.

Mr Jackson said the relationship he had with his wife had been “marked by drink, drug taking, anger and the threat of violence by the defendant”.

Following a split. Malt’s wife Karen, his daughter Lauren and her other siblings were living together in her grandmother’s home in Leete Way.

By the spring of 2021, Malt had twice assaulted his wife, resulting in him being arrested and released on bail with conditions not to contact his wife, who worked at a shop in West Winch, or visit her.

Mr Jackson said by January 23 this year the defendant’s relationship with his family was “broken” but “it was something he was not prepared to accept”.

Malt had gone to Leete Way to knock for his daughter but she did not let him in.

Between 6.25pm ​​and 6.52pm he tried to call his daughter 19 times but all calls went unanswered.

He tried three further times to call his daughter and at 7.14pm she answered.

Following a call lasting just over a minute the defendant drove to Leete Way.

He arrived at 7.21pm and armed with a crowbar began arguing with Lauren and her boyfriend.

Nigel Malt

Nigel Malt has gone on trial accused of the murder of his daughter Lauren Malt who was run over in Leete Way, West Winch
– Credit: Shutterstock

Malt threatened Lauren’s boyfriend with a crowbar but he was able to get away.

Lauren had gone behind the car “as if to stop the defendant from going back to get Arthur”.

The car then reversed at speed into Lauren before driving forwards over her.

Mr Jackson said it had been a deliberate act intending to inflict the maximum harm.

The court then heard how Malt picked up his unconscious daughter, whose breast bone, ribs and spine were all broken, and put her into the front passenger seat of his car.

One member of the public said “I do not believe it, you’ve killed her” and he said “do not get the police, do not get the police”.

He then drove her to his wife at the convenience store before taking her to hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Malt was arrested and interviewed in relation to the death of his daughter.

At first he was to say that Lauren’s boyfriend had come out aggressively.

He said he had heard Lauren but had not seen her but heard a “bump” after he reversed.

Malt said he then saw Lauren and took her to hospital by car as an ambulance would’ve taken longer.

In a later interview Malt said he thought he had hit a wheelie bin.

But Mr Jackson, who insisted if there had been a bin in the road he would have seen it, said: “There can be no doubt the defendant caused the death of Lauren.

“You can be sure on the evidence that using his car as a weapon he reversed into her intending to kill her or cause her really serious harm.

“Having done that he then ran over her again with the same intention.”

After the case was opened two of the panel of 14 jurors were stood down with the trial continuing with a jury of six men and six women.

The trial continues.

Father denies murder

The jury were also told that Malt says he killed his teenage daughter by accident.

The 44-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his daughter Lauren in Leete Way, West Winch on January 23 this year.

At the end of the prosecution opening on Thursday (June 30), Allison Summers QC told the jury there was no dispute her client killed the 19-year-old and that when he did so he was under the influence of alcohol.

She said he had been angry towards Lauren’s boyfriend but insisted what happened to his daughter was an “accident”.

She said it was “no doubt brought about by a very poor piece of driving” while under the influence of alcohol.

But she said Malt was so driven by his anger towards her boyfriend and so “hell bent” on having the last word with him that he failed in making the proper checks when he reversed his car at speed.

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