Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

3:00 PM August 5, 2022

Donated items will be up for sale this Sunday (August 7) ​​in a further effort to raise donations for the residents affected by Wennington’s devastating fire.

Organized by Cllr Sue Ospreay (Rainham and Wennington, Con), stoppers-by will be able to browse a range of clothes, plus some furniture, with all proceeds going to those most affected by last month’s devastating fire.

Cllr Ospreay said residents had first dibs on the donations a couple of weeks ago, but with so much left over, she decided a sale raising money was the best use of the remaining items.

Sunday’s event follows a previous one held last weekend, which raised just under £1,500, and will be at the Harris Academy in Rainham between 10am and 3pm.

Cllr Ospreay said a range of items had been donated, including clothes and furniture

Sunday’s event will feature a range of donated items, including clothes and furniture
– Credit: Sue Ospreay

Cllr Ospreay said the money raised will be put towards what she calls “quick fixes” – wherever is deemed most useful over the coming months.

With this Sunday the last time the sale will be held, Cllr Ospreay is hoping for a high turnout in support of Wennington’s residents.

“Let’s raise as much money as we can and get rid of as many clothes as we can.”

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